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Connecting with Alumni Made Easy and Simple -

Connecting with Alumni Made Easy and Simple

One of the best parts of Greek life is that you are connected to peers your own age and adults within the workforce. This exposes you to a variety of people and opportunities that you would not get elsewhere.

A challenge most chapters face, though, is how to best connect with alumni. College students and adults in the workforce have different schedules and priorities. This can make it challenging to schedule alumni events or utilize the resource that is your alumni board.

Writing as someone who is a recent alumnus, alumni want to connect with you, but our own responsibilities keep us from doing so. Here are some ways to connect with your alumni in a way that is beneficial to your entire chapter.

3 Ways to Connect with Alumni

1.      Give a Lot of Notice

How I miss the days when my schedule was not constantly filled with work, errands, and general tasks. Because of my busy schedule, it can be difficult for me to attend chapter events. This is especially true if I'm not given enough notice to schedule my day accordingly.

If you want your alumni to participate in your events, make sure you give them an ample amount of time to schedule accordingly. Most alumni want to participate, but we need enough time to make it happen.

2.      Schedule Events After Work Hours

One of the beauties of college is having free time during the day and afternoon. Most alumni do not have this luxury because of work. To get the most alumni participation in your events, make sure they are scheduled when most alumni can attend. Events after 5:00 PM and weekends are probably the best options.

Also, send out polls or questionnaires about the best times for your alumni and chapter. This will help make sure that the most people can attend your events.

3.      Don't Be Afraid to Talk

When I was an active member of Phi Sigma Pi, I often felt intimidated by alumni members that I didn't know. In hindsight, this probably made alumni feel ostracized and unwelcomed. Make alumni feel included by walking up to them and talking. We're all just people who want to feel included.

Whether we're chatting about our favorite TV show or you're asking us for advice, we don't care. We just want to feel not like an outcast when we go to different alumni events. It really is that simple.


Alumni events can be some of the more challenging events to get mass participation at. Although most alumni want to participate, it can sometimes be difficult because of our work, busy schedules, and family.

Make the most of your alumni events by giving alumni ample notice, scheduling events during after work hours, and speaking up at the events. By doing these things, you and your chapter will better connect with your alumni, which leads to overall success and satisfaction for everyone involved.

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