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When Going Home For The Holidays Isn’t An Option -

When Going Home For The Holidays Isn’t An Option

For many college students, going home for the holidays is often dreaded, annoying, and avoided when possible. However, because of the Coronavirus, going home for the holidays simply isn't an option for many students this year.

If the Thanksgiving holiday taught us anything, it's that this holiday season is completely unlike anything we've seen before. I often hate going home for the holidays, but I found myself missing Thanksgiving with my loved ones and extended family. I know December will be the same way.

For those in the same position as me, I have tried to develop some ways to still connect with your family and loved ones without the risk of spreading the Coronavirus this holiday season.

1.      Video Chat

OK, obviously, I know that video chat isn't a creative idea, but it is the best way to connect with your family during the holidays without risking getting anyone sick. Whether you FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype, any of these video mediums can help you talk to your loved ones, face to face, albeit in separate buildings.

Even if your grandparents or loved ones are not technologically savvy, you can still find ways to help them learn how to use this medium from afar.

In May, I was able to talk my grandmother through joining my virtual graduation via a phone call. My grandmother is probably the least technologically savvy person in existence. If she can do it, anyone else can too. You just may need to be extra patient when explaining the process to them.

2.      Make Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a fun way to show off your family and life, but typically it is only middle-aged or older families that make Christmas cards. This year, try to find a super cute or fun way to do a Christmas card that you can send off to your friends and family.

I recently adopted a Pitbull named Cletus. I'm in the process of trying to create a Christmas card where he is dressed up like Rudolph. This is incredibly difficult because he does not like being dressed up at all, but the pictures are super cute, and I know my grandparents will love receiving them.

If it were up to me, 2020 would be the year of the Christmas card take over!

3.      Christmas Caroling

If you and some loved ones are good at singing, you can visit other homes by doing some Christmas caroling. You can easily do this while social distancing since the people within the home don't have to answer the door. Instead, they can leave a glass door closed or look out the window.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, you can select any type of song in the holiday spirit. There are tons and tons of songs to choose from that have nothing to do with a specific religion. Just pick a song you love and show up. No matter what you sing, your loved ones will feel so happy to see and hear you!

For those who are ambitious and not embarrassed to make a fool of themselves, might I suggest Mariah Carey's classic "All I Want for Christmas is You?"

Final Thoughts

This holiday season, we have to work together to show our love and appreciation for one another without putting anyone at risk. Although this takes a lot of control and self-discipline, it will be worth it.

You can still show your loved ones how much they mean to you by doing any of the previous ideas or anything else that shows that they are on your mind. Just the simple act will go a long way this holiday season. I know we all need extra love after a year like 2020!

Gabrielle Johnson

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