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  • How to Show Subtle Pride for Greek Life as a Hardworking University Student
    September 10, 2022

    How to Show Subtle Pride for Greek Life as a Hardworking University Student

    As a hardworking university student, you know college pride is contagious and spirited. There are loads of social events, both on and off-campus, and school spirit simply flows from every conceivable direction. In some cases, Greek Life provides you with a chance to unwind and find a balance between academia and fun. But how does pride for a university work? 

    You exude student confidence whenever you tell someone where you go to college. You flash a proud smile, but you can do the same when you showcase Greek Life merch. Being proud of your sisterhood or brotherhood comes with knowing when to highlight your place in your fraternity or sorority. Hook a keychain onto your backpack, wear a bold and beautiful tee shirt, or represent your Greek Life with a décor flag for your dorm room. 

    Some students are loud and proud when it comes to their Greek Life confidence. Others are subtle in their showcase. You can be either – there’s no wrong way to express your love for the sorority or fraternity that you have chosen to pledge.  

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  • Pride in Your University Equals a Higher Chance of Finishing College
    September 4, 2022

    Pride in Your University Equals a Higher Chance of Finishing College

    Success is measured in confidence. How confident are you in your abilities, skills, and talents? Do you have confidence in yourself to finish school and earn a degree to land the career you’ve always wanted? Even with confidence, it can be challenging to buckle down for four years and think only academically. Burnout is real! 

    Success and confidence may go hand-in-hand, but so do fun and work. You need balance. You need a social life as much as you need to focus on academia to get you through your years at university. The best fix? Take pride in your studies, the college you attend, and the student life you live. Remind yourself of your goals and what you hope to accomplish! 

    Pride could be as simple as university merch, like a keychain with the university colors and mascot. Or it could be as bold and vivid as a school tee shirt, perfect for a social event or community activity if you decide to pledge with a fraternity or sorority. 

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