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Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Friends -

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Friends

Gifts are the perfect way to show your friends how much they mean to you. Still, it can be challenging to know what to get. With the holidays coming up, you need unique gift ideas ASAP. Everyone wants a little extra love this holiday season, especially considering how rough 2020 has been.

To make the process of finding the perfect gift for your friends a little easier, we have created this guide to gift finding and gift ideas. Find the best gift for your friends and loved ones by reading on.

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Friends

1.      Brainstorm

Brainstorming is a great way to get your brain juices flowing. Sit down and think of gifts that your friends might like. Remember that there is no such thing as bad ideas while brainstorming. All ideas are valid candidates for your gift of choice until you find that special gift.

While brainstorming, consider looking on Pinterest, Instagram, or Etsy for gift ideas. Some of the best gifts are found by random searches online. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and look for ideas from other places.

If your friends have Pinterest, look on their boards for ideas too. Their social media boards will tell you exactly what they want.

2.      Pick a Gift Based on Their Personality and Interests

Gifts are only great if they are of value to the person receiving them. Make sure your friend loves their gift by getting them something that reflects their personality or interests.

The easiest way to find gifts based on a personality or hobby is to Google it. For example, if your friend loves hiking, google “Best gifts for hikers.” You will find countless gift ideas and buying guides specific to this hobby.

3.      Consider Incorporating a Shared Interest or Memory

If you want to kick your gift-giving up a notch, consider picking a gift that incorporates your friendship into it. This can be through a shared memory or shared interest. Either way, make your friend feel extra special by including your friendship into the gift. Not only will they feel special, but they will also think of your friendship every time they look at it.

If your friend is in a fraternity or sorority with you, consider getting them Greek Life gifts. Greek Life gifts will both be useful and make your friend think of your shared memories made over your college career.

Feel free to look through our catalog for unique and premium-quality designs. We have even added Christmas ornaments and neck gaiters to our collection. Make sure to check those out!

4 Unique Gift Ideas

Here are some unique gift ideas to consider buying your friends:

1.      Make Something

Arts and crafts aren’t just for children anymore. Make your gift completely special by making something for them. Even if you aren’t very good at making gifts, the thought will go the extra mile and make your friend feel completely special.

2.      Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Sometimes, distance separates friendships, but don’t let that stop you from showing your friends you’re thinking about them. Consider getting a long distance lamp so they can see whenever you’re thinking about them, regardless of the miles between you.

3.      Personalized Blanket

If you like to make your friends laugh, consider getting them a personalized blanket with a funny picture of yourself or them on it. You can personalize a blanket to make it hilarious by using just about any photo store, such as Walgreens or Walmart.

4.      Greek Life Gear

Greek Life gear is a great way to show your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters that you care. Shop our Greek Life collection for gifts and merchandise for your exact organization.

Final Thoughts

Although 2020 has been a tough year, make the holiday season a bit brighter by getting your friends gifts they won’t forget. Even if you are unsure exactly what to buy, know that you can find the best gift with a little brainstorming, searching, and care.

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