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Wallet \ Credit Card Holder

Wallet & Credit Card Holder

Are you still carrying your old-school wallet?

It's time for an upgrade! Check out the new slim Card Holder Wallet that stores your cash and holds your credit cards, ID, and more without bulking up. It's a sleek and stylish take on wallets that's super-compact and fits into your pocket like a charm.

Stay Organized On The Go!

Whether you're heading off for grocery shopping or on a foreign trip, this classy slim wallet will come in handy. With its spacious slots, it can tuck in more than just a couple of cards.

The interior is relatively shallow, which makes retrieving and stuffing the cards back in a breeze.

Metallic Latch On The Back

The glossy latch on the back is compact and thin so the wallet will not feel bulky in your pocket.


The stainless steel cardholder will stay scratch-less for a long time. However, we recommend taking extra care. Extremely hard to bend or force out of shape.

So pack up, grab your Slim Wallet and travel around while staying organized.

  • Made of the highest quality Aluminum & Stainless steel
  • Scratch-resistant body
  • One of a kind design to highlight your affiliation with your Fraternity
  • Slightly textured for perfect hand grip
  • Dimensions: 3.74” x 2.56” x .31”
  • It comes encased in a beautiful gift box