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Taking a Break from College Courses for the Summer? Consider an internship or Summer Job!

Taking a Break from College Courses for the Summer? Consider an internship or Summer Job!

Remember in middle and high school when summer meant free time and lots of sunshine? While summertime fun is still within your grasp as an adult, it can be balanced with either an internship or summer job to further your education and career goals. College courses may not be your first choice for something to do over the summer, but an internship or summer job could be the foot in the door you need toward the career you’re working towards. 

Gain Work Experience and Hone Employment Skills!  

Summer jobs and internships can be used to help you further your knowledge in a prospective career field. You’ll gain real-world workforce experience through hands-on opportunities, allowing you to hone your skills as a potential employee. 

Summer jobs are typically paid, and there are paid internship opportunities in some career fields, so be on the lookout for ways you can earn money while bolstering your career experience. 

  • Learn More About Employment Dynamics, such as Managers, Supervisors, Employees, etc. 

There’s a basic workforce structure that puts everyday employees at the base tier, followed by supervisors, managers, and company bosses or CEOs. However, while the basic structure is prevalent in most workplaces, it can be hard to decipher roles without getting to know a specific career field. 

With summer jobs and internships, you can gain firsthand knowledge of employment dynamics. You could even learn enough to decide how far you would want to climb the proverbial ladder in a prospective career. When you understand company dynamics, you can better prepare for your future in that specific job market. It’s one less thing you’ll have to learn and adapt to later. 

  • Save Money Towards an Academic Goal. 

While most internships aren’t paid, a few are, specifically in tech career fields. But your other option for paid work lies in summer jobs, where you can save money towards your education for the following semesters. 

Even if you’ve qualified for grants and scholarships, there are still college expenses that you’re responsible for. Having a summer job can help you save for those expenses, so when they come due, you aren’t breaking the bank looking for extra cash.  

  • Form Connections that Could Be Beneficial to Your Future. 

Internships and summer jobs are great ways to meet new people. And some of those people could lend you a hand in helping you to further both your education and future career. Getting into the good graces of management ensures that you will stand out. Make yourself memorable by forming connections that could be beneficial as you progress through the workforce. 

You don’t have to make aim for career connections, though. You could simply strive to be hardworking and respectful, which are qualities that are sure to get you noticed. Great work ethic is appreciated by many employers, so if actively building connections weirds you out, focus on being a good worker. That in itself will warrant positive attention. 

  • Feel Accomplishment that Comes from Financial Independence and Hard Work. 

If college is your first taste of independence, then an internship or summer job could be your next venture into providing for yourself and your future. Through hard work and perseverance in the workforce, you can accomplish the feeling of financial independence and gain confidence to continue your journey.

Side note: Financial independence is as much about saving your money as it is about earning it. Make sure you put a portion of each paycheck into savings for when you need it later. You’ll be glad that you thought ahead! 

What Kind of Summer Job Would Be Ideal for College Students? 

For college students, it’s easy to snag a part-time job, especially if you live in a town known for university events. Part-time positions will allow you to enjoy both financial independence and the leisure calm of summer without devoting too much time and energy to classes. Take a break! 

Need a few suggestions on where to look for part-time summer jobs for college students? Check out the following ideas. 

  • Community or online tutor. Either remotely or locally, you could find academic opportunities to tutor fellow college students or elementary, middle, or high school students in a wide range of topics. The most commonly requested subjects are English and mathematics, so brush up on your grammar, bolster your knowledge of fractions, and get to work. 
  • Summer camp or community events counselor. Summer camps always need helpful counselors with licensures in safety, like CPR and lifeguard certifications. This position is usually on-site and full-time, but you get to work outdoors and unwind in nature. 
  • Pet sitter for your community. Many people take summer vacations, and their pets are stuck at home. You can be their peace of mind! Offer services with checking on pets, walking dogs, cleaning litter boxes, and playing with pets to ensure those pups and kittens have as great a summer as their owners. 
  • Customer support for call centers. Typically, a remote position that you can do from home can be part or full-time, depending on how much time you want to commit. 

The downside is that you need a strong backbone and great communication skills to deal with grumpy customers over the phone. Not all interactions are negative, but there’s no room for anger or customer disrespect in call center jobs, regardless of how much those customers may disrespect you. 

Use these suggestions to get your mind rolling on what you’d like to do for the summer. Check your college forums and on-campus boards for summer job opportunities. You could also stick with tried-and-true summer jobs for college students, like being a server at a local restaurant or delivering pizzas for the local pizzeria. It all adds up to experience and skills for your resume. 

Working a summer job or committing to an internship doesn’t mean your summer is gone. You can both further your college prospects and relax for the summer. Just remember to set aside time for yourself to unwind while working hard. 

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