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Spring Break Ideas for 2021 College Students -

Spring Break Ideas for 2021 College Students

Let’s face it. Studying and attending school in the middle of a global pandemic is STRESSFUL. Thankfully, travel restrictions are easing up a bit so you can have the spring break that you deserve. We outline our top 5 unique spring break ideas that won’t break the bank and still put your safety top of mind.

Here are our top 5 spring break ideas: 

  1. Visiting Friends at Another College - not every college takes spring on the same week. Visiting friends at another college is a great option when you do not have overlapping vacations. Since colleges have proper COVID protocols in place, you can find comfort in knowing that you are visiting a safe place. While on a new campus, don’t forget to check out the local chapter of your greek organization! They may even offer to board you for your visit.
  2. Using Travel Credits or Vouchers - do you have unused travel credits from a trip planned for 2020 that was cancelled? If so, now is a great time to use them while travel prices (hotels and flights) are still on the lower side. We recommend off-the-beaten path destinations that are not overly crowded like Acadia National Park in Maine or The Berkshires in Massachusetts. 
  3. Volunteer - in a year when so many faced difficulties and hardships, volunteering can be a beautiful recharge for the soul. Whether it's making masks for front line workers or visiting elderly in a nursing home via a Zoom session, you will be sure to have a fulfilling break. To find volunteer opportunities, visit
  4. Camping (or Glamping) - discover the great outdoors this spring break! Camp (or glamp) in a nearby state or national park. Go for a hike, read a book, enjoy a canoe and much more.
  5. Staycation - curate an indulgent staycation at home or on campus. Prepare a luxurious meal, splurge on a new outfit, soak in the rays outside at a friend’s pool, and catch up on your long overdue Netflix playlist. 


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Don’t forget to travel responsibly!

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