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Ideas for Your Next Themed Mixer -

Ideas for Your Next Themed Mixer

Mixers are one of the most fun experiences of greek life! From choosing the theme to decorating the space and planning the perfect outfit - mixers are a great way to bond with your fellow brothers or sisters. Hang up the toga, here are unique recommendations to make your next socially distanced mixer a success!

The Nineties - The nineties are the new eighties. From the grunge looks of Nirvana to the pop culture style phenomenon of Clueless, there are so many options to create the perfect nineties look. 

Jungle - Animal prints are so trendy right now - so everyone could easily find an outfit in no time! Decorate the space with lots of greenery, craft the perfect playlist (think Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses), and concoct a signature jungle juice to serve.

Tie Dye - Tie dye prints are also very on trend right now. You can make the mixer an interactive experience by having everyone tie dye their shirts together first! 

Pirates and Captains - Think nautical! Partygoers can choose to be pirates or captains.  

Greek Pride - Celebrate your sorority or fraternity pride with a letter theme where everyone rocks their letter gear! Shop our store for inspiration. 

Most of all, please remember to party responsibly. Cheers!

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