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What to wear for Sorority Recruitment? -

What to wear for Sorority Recruitment?

Sorority recruitment, often known as sorority rush, is a process in which sororities seek potential new members (PNMs) to join their chapter of the national sorority.

Sorority recruitment is a year-round effort and includes things like planning and strategy, hosting values-based recruitment activities, voting and submitting bids, and continuous member education.

Even while the rush week is only a few days long, it is simply one component of a larger picture.

To various sororities, completing a successful rush entails different things. Your aims and approach to new membership will change depending on whether you're a member of a college Panhellenic or other broad social sorority council or one that's cultural, intellectual, faith-based, or professional.

What to wear to sorority recruitment?

Put on your best outfit. However, maintain your uniqueness. Show off your own style in a professional way that reflects who you are since your personality is what matters at the end of the day.

The sorority recruiting process usually consists of four rounds, each lasting a few days, in which prospective new members visit each qualifying house at their university. Because you're practically speed dating a bunch of females and just have a few minutes to get to know the sorority, it's extremely crucial to look your best throughout each round.

Round 1: Welcome Round/Open House

To begin recruiting, you'll be placed in a rush group with a few other possible new members, who will be escorted from chapter to chapter by an active sorority upperclassman. This will be your first formal introduction to all of the sororities, and each visit to a different chapter will be referred to as a party.

The number of parties you attend during this round is determined by the number of sororities at your campus, and Welcome Round may be split over two days.

In terms of dress, Welcome Round is the most relaxed. You and your fellow rushees could get a matching recruiting t-shirt for this round at some institutions, which you can accessorize as you like with jeans, colorful pants, or a skirt.


 If you have complete control over your appearance, dress as if you're going out to dinner with your girls, but don't go crazy with a dress and shoes. Wear a basic blouse with a pair of colorful shorts and shoes or sandals. 

Round 2: Philanthropy Round

Following Welcome Round, you'll be separated from your rush group for the remainder of recruiting, and each rushee will have her own schedule of parties to attend. The latter stages of sorority recruiting differ per institution, but you'll probably learn more about the chapter's service ideals, which are a big deal in the Greek world.

This round is a little more formal, so picture yourself on a great date. Again, a skirt, shorts, decorative pants, or a casual dress would suffice, but a somewhat more formal top or accessories will elevate the appearance.

This round does not require you to wear heels, wedges, or boots, but if you want to, you can. Flats will suffice in the absence of this.

Round 3: Sisterhood Round

 Philanthropy Round may be considered round three. If not, the focus will almost certainly be on each chapter's sisterhood. During round three, you'll witness each sorority's recruiting film in all of its manufactured, semi-cheesy splendor, and you'll have the opportunity to tour the sorority home.

You can still wear a stylish shift or midi dress, but think more formal than in the previous round. This time around, heels are okay but keep your footwear on the comfortable side to avoid wincing in the middle of a discussion due to blisters.

Furthermore, the sorority ladies will begin to appear more and more dressed up with each round; thus, they will almost certainly all be wearing heels.

Keep it real! It's quite acceptable if you don't connect with a certain sorority. That is the purpose of the interview process, and it is critical not to concentrate on the unpleasant or uncomfortable times!

Round 4: Preference Round

Preference has the chance to be an emotional round for both you and the chapter's sorority ladies. This is your final opportunity to speak with your remaining sororities before bid day. You'll only travel to three houses at this stage, and you'll only chat to one female.

Save your nicest outfit for last because prep night is the most serious and formal of the rounds. Consider cocktail dresses for a sorority rush that you could wear to a family wedding, and allow your own flair to shine through once again. Avoid anything too tight, too short, or too low-cut. To complete off your preferred nightdress, add elegant shoes and minimal jewelry.

Bid Day

 On sorority bid day, you'll finally get to see which chapter will be your new home away from home after receiving your bid card. Because the sorority will most likely have matching t-shirts with your new letters for all pledges to wear, come dressed in something you can easily slip your new spirit wear over.

Sorority recruitment is an experience you'll never forget, from your first house tour and learning about each chapter through preference night and selecting your ideal home. Your recruiting day may appear intimidating, but keep in mind that you will make lasting friends at the end of it. You'll always look the part and hopefully stick out from the crowd if you follow our advice.

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