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What is a Sorority Squat? -

What is a Sorority Squat?

One of the most essential aspects of joining a sorority is capturing the experience of recruiting, throwbacks, and nostalgia.

The "sorority squat" is a common pose done by women in group pictures. It is called after sororities, which are large organizations of women who are sometimes entrusted with shooting group photos.

Sorority squat is the pose to do if you want to show your sorority sisters how kind and down-to-earth you are. In your sorority life, Sorority squat will be one of the most important poses you know.

It's a standard standing position in which you bend your knees but maintain them together, generally with your hands on your knees. The squat is more of a forward lean than a complete squat. When sorority sisters take a group photo so that everyone can see each other, they do a squat. It's more of a forward lean than a full squat.

Experts believe that the origin of this position was to allow many rows of people to fit into a single photograph and that through time, sorority sisters have developed to squat at the sight of a camera, regardless of the number of people in the photograph.

Sorority Life

Many sororities have a mentorship program, termed the "Big Sis/Little Sis Program," that links elder sisters with younger members. Different "family trees" may exist inside a sorority. For instance, your grand big sis would be the big sis of your big sis.

The Big Sis/Little Sis procedure might be rushed at times when a new sister is paired with a few older sisters based on their preferences.

You don't only make friends when you join a sorority; you also get lifelong sisters.

Make an effort to engage with as many sisters as possible while attending these activities. Simply asking inquiries about their experiences in the sorority is a great way to start a conversation.

The cost of being a sorority member varies per institution. It may be cheaper to live in the sorority home than in a dorm with a food plan if the sorority provides one.

Big sororities at campuses with a large Greek community sometimes charge a few thousand dollars each year. Some will be considerably less expensive. It's possible that a new member may be asked to purchase a sorority badge and pay additional administrative fees. Buying sorority T-shirts, jewelry, and photographs, as well as paying for events.

Despite what you might see in movies, not every sorority has a traditional house. Some sororities don't have homes and instead gather on campus or at another location. Sororities with homes often have a house mom who oversees the sorority's day-to-day operations, from meals to cleanliness and enforces house regulations.

Sororities regularly organize charity drives and initiatives, as well as collaborate with other community groups, including fraternities. Sorority sisterhood is viewed as a significant duty and time commitment, and devotion to the sorority identity is valued.

Being a member of a sorority requires a great deal of socializing. Sororities and fraternities frequently host themed socials where sorority members can meet and socialize with fraternity members while dressed up in costumes.


Sororities are truly amazing in what they're doing. They bring together powerful young women in academic settings so that they may empower one another while also leaning on one another when things become rough. As a result, they're a useful resource for students attending large campuses who might otherwise struggle to locate a community of like-minded people.

Scholarship opportunities, the ability to work hands-on with massively important philanthropies that impact your community, and having a network of people willing to study with you, go on adventures with you, and stick by your side when the inevitable drama of the college experience arises are some of the benefits of joining a sorority.

Being a sorority girl, contrary to popular opinion, is both enjoyable and rewarding! Not only do you have sisters, but there are also a lot of exciting events available within your chapter or through other Greek organizations. It's an amazing chance to get engaged and give back to the community on campus.

For any young girl, joining a sorority may be a life-changing experience. Greek life may provide a meaningful and interesting college experience as well as long-lasting friendships that can extend after graduation. 

Greek life provides one of the best foundations for social interaction with a network of peers. Greek organizations assist students in developing networks that might be useful while seeking internships, jobs, referrals, or employees.

There are Some Rules

There are some rules you have to follow. For example, you have to maintain a good GPA, you have to attend meetings and you can’t post anything that involves illegal activity on social media. These rules are self-explanatory and simple to follow, but they come with consequences if they are broken. In the worst-case scenario, your membership may be terminated.

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