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What Does Joining a Sorority Look Like? -

What Does Joining a Sorority Look Like?

Greek life is often portrayed as a negative on television shows and movies. Sororities, in particular, get a bad reputation for allegedly focusing on valuing how much money you have and what you look like. However, any sorority woman will tell you their experience is quite the opposite. Here’s a taste of what sorority life is like:

  • Values & Philanthropy - All sororities have a set of values that their women believe in. While many sororities have sisterhood has a top value, they also have values such as academics, philanthropy, and diversity. Women in these chapters will tell you about what their chapter holds as values and how they live out those values in their everyday lives.
  • Socials - As you see in the movies, sororities host social events. Sometimes these socials are with fraternities, but often they are socials just within their sisterhood. Date parties, formal dances, and sisterhood events are all part of the sorority experience. They are a fun way to hang out with your sisters and build bonds with each other.
  • Lifelong Support - Any alumnae of a chapter will tell you how much sorority life has impacted them beyond their college years. After you graduate, you’ll find that you remain close with your sisters from your collegiate years. Often, your sisters can provide career and networking opportunities for you long after you graduate. These sisters are your lifelong support system to be there for you through all of life’s trials.
  • Merchandise - When joining a sorority, you’ll find your sisters have tons of merchandise with their letters on it — anything from t-shirts to phone cases to flags. By joining a chapter, you’ll get an entirely new wardrobe full of t-shirts and other merchandise to sport around campus. Often times, the media inaccurately portrays sorority life. Sorority women value so much more than what you look like and how much money you have. Joining a sorority means focusing on leadership, lifelong support, and philanthropy.
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