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Vocabulary to Know Before Going Through Recruitment -

Vocabulary to Know Before Going Through Recruitment

If you’re planning on going Greek, it’s critical to know the vocabulary of fraternity and sorority life. There are many new terms to learn for any man or woman going through the recruitment process. Here is your guide to Greek life vocabulary:

  •  PNM - This stands for “Potential New Member.” If you’re going through sorority recruitment, you’ll be referred to as a PNM by others in the community.
  • New member - After you’ve joined a sorority or fraternity and before you’re initiated, you’re referred to as a “new member.” This means exactly what you think, you’re a new member of the chapter!
  • Active - An active member of a sorority or fraternity who has been initiated.
  • NPC - This stands for the National Panhellenic Conference. This is the overarching group for 26 national and international women’s sororities.
  • NIC - This stands for the North American Interfraternity Conference. Again, this is the overarching group for 66 international and national men’s fraternities.
  • Initiation - The formal ceremony/process for which men and women are made official members of their organizations. This ceremony/process concludes your time as a “new member” and transitions you into active status.
  • Legacy - A woman whose mother, aunt, sister, grandmother or other family member was an initiated member of a particular sorority. For instance, if your grandmother was an Alpha Gamma Delta, you are a legacy to Alpha Gamma Delta. Legacy status depends on the organization’s standards.
  • COB/COR - COB/COR stands for “Continuous Opening Bidding” or “Continuous Open Recruitment.” This is when sororities continue recruiting after the formal recruitment process. This process is usually more informal, and your campus decides how to conduct it’s everyday recruitment efforts.
  • Bid - A bid is when you are invited to join a particular sorority or fraternity.
  • Bid day - For sorority women, this is the day when you receive your bid to your new sorority. It’s usually a day full of fun activities and meeting your new sisters!
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