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Taking a Sorority Pledge? Here’s What You Should Know

Taking a Sorority Pledge? Here’s What You Should Know

Everyone has an idea of what college life is like, especially when it involves sororities and fraternities. Most of the time, those ideas are tainted by television shows and movies, but the reality is far different than what’s portrayed for entertainment.  

Sororities are sisterhoods. Women can gain a sense of admiration, confidence, and friendship by forming strong bonds that could last a lifetime. There’s safety and security in a sorority, and the feelings of loneliness or student hardship are lessened because you have other students and women you can lean on during hardships. 

There are, however, things you should know and remember when choosing to pledge to a sorority. 

Establishing Yourself Academically Can Increase Your Odds of House Approval

The entire reason you’ve gone to college is to earn a degree in a specific career field. That said, everything else, like having the opportunity to pledge to a sorority, is a perk that comes with attendance at your university. 

Being a student comes first and foremost before anything else in your college endeavors. That means that sororities will look at your academic record and responsibilities to determine if you would be a good, responsible, respectable fit for their house. Our advice is to take one semester and establish a solid GPA and academic routine before you pledge to a sorority. Show your prospective sisters that you can be both a hardworking student and a reliable friend. 

Being a Pledge Shouldn’t Mean Degradation – Forget What You’ve Seen in the Movies! 

Yes, there have been incidents of degradation and humiliation in sororities and college campuses in the past. However, that’s a rarity, and nothing is like it seems in dramatized television shows or movies. 

In most cases, sororities are houses of respect, confidence, and support. Ergo, you should never feel degraded or humiliated, especially as a pledge. Hazing shouldn’t be something that happens, and if it does, you should report it to campus authorities immediately. 

When you pledge to a sorority, you should feel happy and confident in your decision to be part of that sisterhood. You should feel proud to be part of that house. Trust that degradation IS NOT the norm and should be reported as soon as possible. 

You Should Take Your Pledge Seriously as a Potential Sister and Supportive Friend

Pledging a sorority is more than fun and parties. It’s friendship and a lifetime of bonds and positive experiences. Sororities are sisterhoods that will help you when you fall through tough times. Your sisters will support you and be like family, right down to sometimes getting on your nerves in the way most siblings do. Your sorority is your home away from home, so take your pledge seriously. If you make a commitment as a pledge, intend to follow through and join the ranks of bonded sorority sisters everywhere. 

Learn All You Can About the Sorority, Requirements, and Expectations BEFORE You Pledge! 

Sororities have been around for decades, some even centuries, so there’s a thriving history. Learn everything you can about the sorority that you intend to pledge to BEFORE you pledge it. 

Every sorority is subtly different in its requirements, dues, and expectations. Learn all you can about what’s expected of pledges, as well as the social events and interactivity required to stay in the sisterhood. It’s important that you understand the ins and outs of the sorority before you choose to dedicate a part of your academic career to its upkeep and continuation. 

Remember that Everyone is Shy at First – Put Yourself Out There! Don’t Be Afraid to Make Friends! 

It can be daunting to make friends in a new place, especially when you don’t know anyone in classes of hundreds of fellow students. Everyone is a little shy at first, but you don’t have to be afraid of approaching sorority sisters. 

Most sororities are welcoming and inviting to new college students because they don’t want anyone to feel left out or alone. Hence why you should befriend a member or two before you choose to take a pledge. Do it in your first semester when you’re getting your GPA up. After the first semester, if you’ve enjoyed everything you’ve heard about the sorority, then take the plunge and pledge. 

Pro tip: Pledge with another newbie college student. You can soothe one another’s nerves, make friends together, and begin a positive journey through the exciting Greek Life of your university. The entire process could be a chance for you to learn how confident you can be. 

Pledge a Sorority that Has a Message that Means Something to You 

Depending on the university you attend, there are likely several fraternities and sororities on campus. Ergo, you have your pick of houses to pledge. It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect sorority that meshes well with your routine and personality but start with the sorority that means something to you. 

If you want to make an impact, there’s a sorority full of sisters who feel the same way about the issues you believe in. The same can be said if you want a sorority where you can bond with people, attend fun social events, and get the most out of study nights. Just be sure, wherever you pledge, that you show your support with sorority merchandise as little reminders of your pledge and commitment. 

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