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Six of the Best Things About Pledging to a Fraternity or Sorority in Your College Years

Six of the Best Things About Pledging to a Fraternity or Sorority in Your College Years

   Most people spend four years at college, but some opt for six or eight, depending on the degree they pursue. That’s a lot of years of hard work and adult responsibilities. It’s easy to get burnt out or sink into anxiety or depression due to feeling like all you do is focus on classes and homework. Luckily, a wide range of sororities and fraternities are available at most universities. While movies haven’t shown much respect for Greek college life, the reality is that these sisterhoods and brotherhoods can help you get through the most challenging years of your academic career.

There’s Friendship that Could Get You Through Hard Life Experiences   

   New students to college have a habit of getting overwhelmed with workloads. Instead of asking for help, they hunker down and try to move forward through the stress. Unfortunately, that coping mechanism doesn’t work for everyone, and those students often wind up lonely, anxious, and socially isolated. Sorority offers friendship and support when you need those things the most. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, you can call on your sisters to help you through difficult times. That could mean going out for dinner and drinks, or it could simply be a phone call that lets you know that you aren’t alone and everything will be okay.

Greek Life is UniversalYou Can Make Connections to Improve Your Future!

   Universities worldwide are well-known for their wide range of fraternities and sororities. When you commit to a sorority, you join a sisterhood that dates back before you were born and even further. That means you have university sisters you’ve never met, so reaching out to the alum of your sorority could provide you with extra connection and support. Social media, like groups and university forums, are great places where you can find sorority alum to further your friendships and understanding of the sisterhood. You could even build connections that help you gain footing in a potential career after graduation. Sororities are a form of networking that could help to improve your life, both presently and post-academia.

There’s Respect, Safety, and Security in Committing to a Fraternity or Sorority

   Greek Life refers to the sisterhood or brotherhood built-in fraternity or sorority houses at a university. It fits into social parameters for students, but it’s also a place of respect and community. Ergo, everyone watches everyone else’s back. Safety and security in a sorority or fraternity hold everyone responsible for protecting themselves and their sisters or brothers. Sororities and fraternities become families. They are close and connected, enabling students to feel supported and confident. Greek Life helps to teach you how to build friendships that could last a lifetime. You get the encouragement, respect, and support you need from an on-campus “family” that you can rely on.

Into Philanthropy? You Can Plan and Attend Social Activities to Make an Impact!

   Sororities \ Fraternities are well-known for parties, but many of those parties are themed and raise awareness of different causes. Social activities are designed to be fun to draw college students and staff into the fold of a fraternity or sorority event. Philanthropy is defined as generosity and charity, which Greek Life has always had a soft spot for. You don’t have to wait around for social events that raise awareness for a cause that you’re passionate about. Discuss your ideas with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers to plan something impactful to make a difference. Get your Greek Life connections involved!

You Discover New Things About Yourself!

   Greek Life introduces balance between being a hardworking student and someone with a social life. You can have both and do it all, but it takes careful scheduling to accomplish your goals in both an academic career and a sorority or fraternity life. You discover new things about yourself through the development of routines and strive to balance everything in your college life. Accomplishing small goals in both your Greek Life and student life will boost your confidence and make you a better student, friend, and overall happier, healthier person.

Academic Support is Always There for Anyone that Needs an Extra Push

   College, first and foremost, is somewhere you can go to learn the skills required to make solid, confident career decisions. However, burnout can be easy, especially with a full-time course load. That said, your Greek Life sisters and brothers are well-versed in the strains and stresses of being hardworking students. Ergo, you have confident academic support to help you through tough times. Ask for assistance when you need it. Ask for someone to talk to. Ask for that extra push to get you through big tests. Then reward yourself with time spent with the same friends that encouraged you.

Pledging a Sorority or Fraternity is All About Collective Comfort, Connection, and Community

   Sororities and fraternities are communities in and of themselves; those communities are all about collective comfort and connection. You build friendships, form lifelong bonds, and sororities are coined sisterhoods and brotherhoods. It feels like being welcomed into a family.

   Sorority and fraternity merchandise helps you honor your love for Greek college life while giving yourself a keepsake in remembrance long after graduation.


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