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Pros of Joining a Fraternity -

Pros of Joining a Fraternity

  • Deciding whether or not to join a fraternity on campus can be a difficult decision for incoming freshman and their parents. Often, fraternities can get a bad reputation and decides to join one more complicated. However, fraternities offer so much that isn’t always seen. Here are a few reasons why joining a fraternity can be the best decision of your college career.

    • Forever friends - While it may seem obvious, joining a fraternity can bring you friendship beyond the classroom. These are the men you’ll speed most of your free time with and can offer you guidance throughout your college career. Besides, many fraternity men stay connected with their brothers throughout their life. These friendships are irreplaceable and something you can’t find elsewhere.
    • Community Service - For many of us, we strive to give back to the community where we live.

    By joining a fraternity, you have the opportunity to give back with other men who share the same values. There aren’t many other organizations who pride themselves on donating their time and treasures to the community. A fraternity can provide meaningful volunteer experiences all while building your brotherhood.

    • Housing - Finding housing in a college town is no easy task. There are many options with the housing including who to live with and where to live. Luckily, fraternities on many campuses offer housing for their men to live in. Living in a fraternity house means constant time with your brothers and can even be more affordable than living elsewhere. If your fraternity doesn’t offer housing, you still have the opportunity to live with your brothers in the dorms or in off-campus housing. This experience still helps you build connections with your brothers.
    • Leadership Opportunities - When you join a fraternity, you are exposed to many different leadership positions within your chapter. As a sophomore or junior, you have the ability to take on those positions and help impact the legacy of your chapter. The skills you can learn from these experiences are unlike anywhere else on campus.

    Joining a fraternity can be a tough decision to make. There are many benefits including leadership positions, community service and more. If you decide to join a chapter, you’ll get experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. Fraternity men will be your forever friends and one of the best decisions you can make in college.

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