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Pride in Your University Equals a Higher Chance of Finishing College

Pride in Your University Equals a Higher Chance of Finishing College

Success is measured in confidence. How confident are you in your abilities, skills, and talents? Do you have confidence in yourself to finish school and earn a degree to land the career you’ve always wanted? Even with confidence, it can be challenging to buckle down for four years and think only academically. Burnout is real! 

Success and confidence may go hand-in-hand, but so do fun and work. You need balance. You need a social life as much as you need to focus on academia to get you through your years at university. The best fix? Take pride in your studies, the college you attend, and the student life you live. Remind yourself of your goals and what you hope to accomplish! 

Pride could be as simple as university merch, like a keychain with the university colors and mascot. Or it could be as bold and vivid as a school tee shirt, perfect for a social event or community activity if you decide to pledge with a fraternity or sorority. 

On the Fence? Here are Six Ways that Greek Life Can Help You Succeed! 

Friendships, support, and encouragement through difficult times.  

Fraternities and sororities are well-known for being supportive of their members, and many members (after graduation) are given photographic places of honor within the house. Greek Life allows you to build friendships that you may otherwise have overlooked. Those friendships offer encouragement and support, especially through the difficulties of school and life in general. 

  • Learn more about yourself through positive and negative experiences and real-life, everyday encounters. 

You grow as a person through positive and negative experiences. Every day, real-world, real-life encounters teach you how to be a better, well-rounded person, so it’s important to take what you can from those experiences. As part of a fraternity or sorority, you have more opportunities for experiences and encounters that lead you to positive growth. Plus, you have Greek Life friends to help you through potentially difficult times while at university and beyond. 

  • Connect with students that are both similar and different in ambition and drive. 

Every college student has a reason for going to university. In some cases, those reasons may align with yours, giving you an avenue to explore with new friends in sororities and fraternities. Those similarities are instant bonds because you can talk about your hopes, goals, dreams, and plans after graduation. 

The same could be said for students with differences in reason and opinions. There’s always going to be someone different from you, so it’s important to learn what you can about interaction and connection with everyone (not just similar people). The most compelling and supportive friendships are often between people that have little in common in terms of motivations and personal achievements. 

  • Network to develop long-term connections that could help you further your desired career after college. 

Networking with current fraternities and sororities can help you build present connections that could help you land jobs as references on your resume. Networking with alumni for your Greek Life house, however, could be connections to bigger, better opportunities in the career fields of your dreams.

Everyone wants to believe that college graduation will lead to immediate hire into the career field of their choice. But the reality is that it could take a while for you to land a job with your degree. Building connections can help you navigate a workforce, while also giving you fallbacks into other jobs while you wait to land your dream career. 

  • Flesh out your resume with social activities and worthy causes. 

After graduation, your resume is your outlet for the workforce. You can use sorority or fraternity social events and activities for causes to flesh out your resume, making it look fuller because you’ve had more experiences. Prospective employers want to know that you can handle whatever is thrown your way. 

Worthy causes make a difference, and that’s another quality that potential employers look for. When you’re passionate about something meaningful, it shines through for prospective employers that want someone dedicated and passionate to join their workforce. 

  • Learn balance, organization, and time management skills that you can use throughout your life. 

Fraternities and sororities are lessons in balance and organization. You learn, mostly through trial and error, to manage your time between having a fruitful social life and being a hardworking student. These are skills that will stick with you throughout your life as a post-grad. 

Not Every Experience is as Dramatic or Traumatic as They are in Movies and Television Shown 

For decades, sororities and fraternities have been the focus of some movies and television shows. Hazing is always a scary topic, and degradation is concerning – at least in dramatized media. 

Luckily, the typical sorority or fraternity is nothing like you’d see in television shows and movies. The average Greek Life house is supportive, respectful, and encouraging to students. It’s somewhere you can go to learn, grow, and be better as both a student and a person. 

 Support = Success 

Success is different for everyone. Success in life, success in academics, success in personal achievements… what works for you may not work for someone else. The accomplishments you have at university will affect you for the rest of your life, so you must give yourself goals and the confidence to work towards them. 

As for pride in your university, you don’t have to go far to snag college merch that represents your love for student life. Flags, keychains, tee shirts, enamel pins… it all makes a difference in helping you showcase your academic choices. Plus, you never know when someone could make a positive impact in your life just because they have pride in the same university as an alum.  

The nutshell? Your success, confidence, and pride at (and in) your university coalesce. One affects the other, so don’t be afraid to find yourself, express yourself, be proud of yourself, and show your love with student life merch that leaves an impression. 

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