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Preparation for Springtime Graduation as a New College Graduate

Preparation for Springtime Graduation as a New College Graduate

You should feel so proud of yourself! 

It’s a huge accomplishment to have made it through the last few years of college. The late-night study sessions to cram for exams, the mounds of pizza and ramen noodles to stave off hunger while you work on essays, and the anticipation of grades to be posted… it all culminates in your springtime graduation, where you can finally declare yourself an official college graduate. What an exciting time! 

With springtime graduation on your heels, you may have the urge to prep for real-world scenarios outside of your college education. With that in mind, here are a few graduation prep tips for new college grads! 

Think about It… What’s Changing After College Graduation? 

Will you join the workforce immediately after you graduate? Or will you take some time off to evaluate your steps from there? Or will you travel and have fun before delving into the career of your choice? 

There are dozens of options available to new college graduates, so it’s important to prep for springtime graduation by pinpointing what you want to do with your future. You’ve spent the last several years pursuing a specific degree, which means it could be time to put that new degree to good use. 

Not ready to use your degree? Not every new college graduate wants to go directly into a career. In fact, many opt for part-time jobs until they get their bearings from the whiplash of the last four years. Your future is in your hands, so take some time to seriously reflect on what you want after spring graduation is over. 

Helpful Tip: Some new college graduates choose to travel as a way of celebration after their springtime graduation. If that’s your plan, make sure you travel within your means. Don’t break the bank without a plan for your future when you come back from your adventures. 

Create Multiple Plans to Secure Your Future

You don’t have to have a single plan for your future. You can have half a dozen or more. And none of them have to be set in stone, but it’s a good idea to have some sort of plan to give yourself direction after college graduation. 

Thinking about your future now and coming up with some sort of plan or many plans can help you find your destiny later. Write your plans down on paper and pin them up to see every day. Realizing that you have multiple options for your future can help you avoid that onset of panic that often strikes new college grads. And remember, you can always change your mind! 

Polish Your Resume (and Prep Your Portfolio Where Applicable)

If you plan on delving into the workforce after college, it’s a good idea to polish up your degree to optimize your possibilities. You have heaps of options, and dozens of companies are set to hire new college graduates. 

Additionally, if you chose a career field where a portfolio is necessary, it may be time to bulk up your portfolio work to present in tandem with a polished resume. Potential employers will appreciate the forethought. Plus, you are more likely to get hired because preparation showcases a plan for success, as well as readiness, eagerness, and an outgoing work ethic. 

Helpful Tip: Still a college student for a few years? Update your resume as you complete each semester. Some classes offer hands-on career-building skills that you can mark down on your resume to help you break into the job market after graduation. Polishing your resume as you go helps with some of the push and strain you may feel to get things done as graduation approaches. 

Jump Headlong into Your Chosen Workforce! 

When you’ve worked hard on a specific career field degree for years, you’re likely chomping at the proverbial bit to jump into your chosen workforce. Get started now! Take your resume and portfolio to various employment options, let them know your springtime graduation date, and dress for an on-the-spot interview (just in case). This is the kind of go-getter attitude that prospective employers are looking for when hiring someone fresh out of college. 

Helpful Tip: If you are a long way from graduation, consider a summer job or internship within the career field that you want. This will allow you to get your foot in the door as a current college student. Remember, though, that most internships are unpaid, so delve into that option with realistic expectations and a willingness to learn job skills without monetary compensation. 

Get Spiffy and Take the Pictures to Memorialize the Moment! 

One of the biggest regrets for older college grads is that they didn’t treat their springtime graduation as the big event and accomplishment that it is. Trust that it’s an amazing achievement, and you should commemorate it as one. 

Here are some ways that you can memorialize your college graduation – 

  • Get professional pictures taken while wearing your cap and gown! Wear spiffy clothes underneath for graduation photos, just like the ones you may have taken as a high school graduate. 
  • Ask all of your professors to sign a poster board with a picture of the college at the center. Ask them to inspire you with advice or quotes written in permanent marker that you can look back on whenever you feel overwhelmed. 
  • Host a graduation party for all your fellow college grads (or those you are friends with). It could be something small like a park picnic or backyard barbecue. Something to show appreciation and memorialize not just your accomplishments but everyone’s in your spring graduating class. 
  • Make a commemorative, hangable frame of pictures and your cap after spring graduation is over. Hang it in your future office or home to memorialize how far you’ve come.  

With your college career coming to a close, springtime graduation may be a time of excitement and an overwhelming need to prepare. However, with all of those feelings, don’t forget to take some time to reflect and enjoy your last semester. Remember to breathe and relax into your final year before becoming a new college graduate. 

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