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How To Show Appreciation for Seniors Amidst COVID-19: Ideas and Tips -

How To Show Appreciation for Seniors Amidst COVID-19: Ideas and Tips


In light of current events, it is crucial to know how to show appreciation for seniors amidst COVID-19. Saying goodbye to seniors is one of the most challenging but rewarding parts of Greek Life. Neglecting your seniors can leave them without closure. 

Even though the pandemic may have canceled graduation related events, there are several things you can do to say goodbye to your seniors and thank them for all their hard work over the years. In this article, we will look at three ways to show appreciation for seniors amidst COVID-19.  

Host a Virtual Send-Off Event


One way to say goodbye to your seniors is through a virtual send-off event. Zoom, Skype, and Adobe Connect are all platforms you can use to say goodbye to your seniors virtually.

A virtual send-off event will allow the chapter to say final parting words or laugh over shared memories with the graduating seniors.

During the send-off, you will want to thank the seniors and share any fond memories concerning them. This is the time to tell the seniors how much they were appreciated and will be missed.

Offer the Opportunity to Attend Missed Events

During the virtual send-off, you may want to invite the graduating seniors to next year’s events that they missed due to the pandemic.

For example, many seniors were disappointed that they could not attend their final formal before graduation. It would be a nice gesture to make a point to invite the graduating seniors to the next formal.

Another opportunity that the graduating seniors probably missed out on was the chapter graduation ceremony. If this is the case for your graduating seniors, invite them to participate in the next graduation ceremony.

Inviting them to the events will give them the full Greek Life experience.  



Send Personalized Keepsakes

Personalized gifts are a great way to show your graduating seniors that they are appreciated and will be missed. You can write handwritten notes or send chapter-related keepsakes to remind them of their times in the fraternity or sorority.

Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes are always a  great way to show someone you are thinking of them. They are cost-efficient and easy to make, but they mean a lot to anyone who receives one.

For your graduating seniors, have the non-graduating members mail a note with their favorite memory to the graduating seniors.

Chapter-Related Keepsakes

You can also send graduating seniors a chapter-related keepsake to show your appreciation. Here are some examples of chapter gear that graduating seniors might light:

These items will give the seniors a tangible object to remember the graduation from the chapter.


Saying goodbye to seniors is an integral part of the Greek Life experience, so knowing how to show appreciation to seniors amidst COVID-19 is imperative.

Even with social distancing in place, you can still show appreciation for your seniors by hosting a virtual send-off, inviting them to next year’s events, and sending them chapter-related keepsakes.

All three recommendations listed in this article are simple to do, but they will mean a lot to your graduating seniors and provide closure.



Gabrielle Johnson

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