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How to Prepare for Fall Semester During the Summer -

How to Prepare for Fall Semester During the Summer

How to Prepare for Fall Semester During the Summer

Gabrielle Johnson

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Summer is the perfect time to close the books and relax until August, but there are many reasons why you would want to prepare for the fall semester during the summer.

Preparing for the fall semester sooner rather than later will increase your productivity, boost your grades, and provide more opportunities to attract potential recruits. Here are some ways to prepare for fall classes and rush:

Preparing for Classes

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Since you are in college, grades should be your number one priority. Here are some helpful ways to prepare for classes during the summer:

  1. Email Your Professors

If you already know your upcoming schedule and professors, you should email the professors. You can introduce yourself and ask for the class syllabus and schedule.

If the professor does not have that document finished yet, no worries. But if they do have it and send it to you, you should use it to get ahead.

If you are able, try to finish some assigned reading or homework. If you decide to do the reading, make sure to take notes so that you can refresh your memory before class.

  1. Create a Daily Study Schedule

Most returning college students already know their general schedule for the upcoming semester. If that sounds like you, you can get ahead by creating a daily study schedule using a physical planner or Excel.

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Although this tip may sound a little dorky, having set study and homework times will help you to stay on top of things.

Many students find attaching their study times to a class helps most. For example, if you have a class from 3 pm to 4 pm, you should set your study time to either 2 pm or 4:15 pm. This timing will ensure that you are in the zone.

Preparing for Fall Rush

Summer is also a great time to prepare for the fall rush. Here are some ways to prepare for fall rush in the summer:

  1. Get involved in summer activities

Many colleges have activities all throughout the summer. Whether it is a freshman orientation or volunteer opportunity, it is always best to participate in these programs.

Make sure to wear letters and carry goodies to hand out to potential new members. Here are some ideas of things you might want to pass out: 

If you are not familiar with your school’s summer events, either check out the school’s website or contact your faculty advisor.

  1. Follow upcoming freshmen social media accounts

Another simple thing you can do is follow freshmen social media accounts. At the beginning of every summer, students create social media accounts dedicated to introducing upcoming freshmen.  

These accounts are usually run by students and are not official media platforms for the school, but many incoming freshmen participate in these accounts.You can see if your school has a page like this by searching your school’s name or acronym with the year of the incoming class’s graduation year. A picture containing person, indoor, sitting, food

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For example, if you are interested in the incoming class at East Tennessee State University, you would search “etsu2024.”


Summer is a great time to relax, but you should utilize all your free time by preparing for the upcoming semester.

If you want to get ahead in school, you could email your professor, start on your readings and assignments, and create a study plan.

If you are more interested in the rush week, participate in summer activities, or follow incoming freshmen on social media.


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