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Creating New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 -

Creating New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

January is the perfect time to set resolutions and kick off the new year on a healthy and proactive foot for many people. With 2020 being so tough for everyone, you may be especially excited for 2021. Despite the excitement for the new year, you need to approach this year's resolutions and bucket list with a bit more trepidation and caution than before.

As coronavirus cases are surging again, the beginning of 2021 may look a lot like last year. For this reason, experts advise people to incorporate some key facts into their expectations for the year. These facts will help you to set resolutions that you can keep, even if your area goes on lockdown again.  

1. Be Realistic

New Year's resolutions are often unrealistic, but this risk is even more likely this year. Though many people are excited to leave 2020 behind, things are not changing that rapidly. Expecting 2021 to be vastly different from last year is setting you up for failure.  

As you set goals and resolutions for the upcoming year, be realistic. Recognize that just because the calendar changed does not mean that the entire world did. Allow your dreams to be driven by a realistic understanding of the state of the world so that they are attainable and healthy.

2. Focus on Yourself

Given that lockdown has posed a huge mental health crisis, treat 2021 as an opportunity to revitalize your health and well being. Even if you are not someone who typically struggles with mental health, there are probably times this past year when you were tested.

2021 is the perfect time to focus on yourself to further your mental, emotional, and physical health. Consider dedicating time each day to reading some sort of self-help book, depending on what you need help with. Focusing on yourself helps you to recuperate from last year, no matter the state of the world.  

3. Think of Resolutions You Can Accomplish at Home

With more and more cases coming out, countries are starting to go on lockdown again. Even if your area has not implemented strict rules yet, it may very well change over the next couple of months. For this reason, try to think of resolutions that you can accomplish at home.

Things such as going to the gym, traveling, and dating may not be possible at the beginning of 2021, if at all. Exercising, improving mental health, and improving spiritual health, in contrast, are all things that you can do from the comfort of your home. Focus on these sorts of resolutions so that you aren't setting yourself up for failure.

4. Find Little Joys

One of the most difficult parts of 2020 was the constant state of monotony while being locked inside. Find a way to incorporate little joys into your resolutions for 2021 to help break the monotony, even during lockdown.

For example, give yourself an at-home spa day once a month. Set this day in your calendar at the beginning of the month so it gives you something to look forward to, much like going on a trip. If you don't intentionally schedule little joys throughout your routine, it's easy to get bogged down in the monotony and everyday life of lockdown during a pandemic.


Even though 2020 has been hard and the year ahead isn't looking too bright, you can still start your new year by turning a new leaf. As you set resolutions, be sure to be realistic, focus on yourself, and set tasks that you can accomplish at home. Additionally, find ways to incorporate little joys into your at-home routine.

Although these resolutions may not be as exciting as some you may have set in the past, they will still help you get through the year and improve yourself, despite the circumstances.

By  Gabrielle Johnson

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