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10 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer Break

10 Ways College Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer Break

How did you spend your summers as a kid? They were different from how you spend your summers as a college student. While many college students are worn out after an entire semester of college courses, others have fueled their ambitious spirit and love for learning new things. 

Need ideas for summer plans? The following 10 tips are great for ambitious college students that want to make the most of their summer break. 

  1. Research Internships for Your Desired Field of Study

Summer break is the opportune time to research opportunities to further your future in whatever career field you've chosen. Internships are chances to learn job skills and hone your knowledge of your preferred career industry, but it's often without payment. 

While there are paid internships, most of them are seen as foundational "foot in the door" experiences for college students to work and decide if that particular career field is one that they truly want to pursue for the long term. 

  1. Work a Part-Time Summer Job

Financial independence is important to your future; a part-time summer job can give you a taste of that kind of freedom. Dozens of places hire college students on summer break, especially in cities known for major universities. You could easily find part-time work in retail or food positions, but there are also freelance positions, such as delivery apps, where you could be your own boss and set your own hours to make money for the summer. 

  1. Learn Something New but Fun! 

Ever wanted to learn a new language? Learn how to play the guitar? Learn how to stay steadfast in a canoe or on top of a wakeboard? Summer is the perfect time! 

On average, summer lasts for 93 days. That's 13 weeks of opportunities where you could learn something new, or many new things, to enrich your life. Learning doesn't have to be dull, so keep your summer fun with things you've always wanted to learn but never found the time to dedicate. 

  1. Bulk Up Your Life (and Your Resume) with a New Skill 

Did you know that many college students have no idea how to cook? Or maintain a car? Or even balance a checkbook or divvy up important finances every month? These are some examples of must-have life skills because, believe it or not, you can't rely on an app for everything all of the time. 

Some life skills can translate to your resume. For instance, if you are great with numbers, you could get a job in mathematics, where it's important to know how to deal with everyday finances. Or, if you find passion in the kitchen, you could delve into a career as a chef, where knowing how to cook is basically in the job description.  

  1. Set a Reading Goal and Crush It! 

Did you know that reading can enrich your life with an improved vocabulary, a more vivid imagination, and know-how of the world around you? Regardless of whether you've always been a bookworm or only recently discovered the fun of stories, you should set a reading goal at least once in your life. Maybe this summer is your chance! 

Come up with a reading list of whatever strikes your fancy. There are dozens of genres to choose from, then strike out to crush your goal. It's a kind of DIY summer reading program like the ones you'd have seen at local libraries as a kid. You could even give yourself a reward when you finish all of the books on your list! 

  1. Explore Your Local Surroundings or Plan an Abroad Adventure 

We've all had fantasies of summer road trips, music blaring on the speakers while you cruise the highways with the breeze in your hair and your hand out the window, totally carefree. Maybe it's time to bring those dreams to reality. 

You don't have to go far to have an adventure. Every town or city has its own draws and local must-sees, like hidden trails to waterfalls and supposedly haunted cemeteries. Learn the local lore and set out to experience your adventures. Make a point to take many pictures, document your travels, and maybe include a friend or two.  

  1. Take Your Education Online with a Summer Course  

Workaholic? While others are taking a break from college for the summer, you may want to further your academic future with summer college courses. The classes are smaller, the courses are more selective, and you can often take them remotely, which means staying in your pajamas for 13 weeks of your online education. 

  1. Pinpoint Your Career Path for After Graduation

Summer is the perfect time to be reflective on your future. Ask yourself questions like: 

  • How much longer until college graduation?
  • What are my career goals? 
  • Where will I go after college is over? 
  • What do I want out of a workforce future? 

Write down your questions' answers and pinpoint your goals after college graduation. They don't have to be set in stone, but it'll be a good way to give yourself some direction for the future. 

  1. Business Major? Start a Small Business that Incorporates a Hobby

Many booming businesses have begun small and at home. An old saying goes, "do something that you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." Start your own small business venture with a hobby, something that you are passionate about. Fail or succeed; it's a good way to get a handle on business know-how for the future. 

  1. Volunteer Your Time to Helping Those in Need

If you're looking for a way to dedicate your time this summer, volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. Help out at a soup kitchen, donate some old blankets and clothes to a homeless shelter, or sign up to spend time with an elderly person or foster child. You could make a positive impact in the life of so many people in a single summer. 

Remember that summer is all about balance. You can still make the most of your summer break from college while having fun and furthering both your education and personal growth. Find the balance that works for you!
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