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10 Essentials that Your College Kid Needs Before Moving on Campus

10 Essentials that Your College Kid Needs Before Moving on Campus

Moving your college student-to-be into a dorm room is a challenging experience, both mentally and emotionally, sometimes physically. As a parent, you probably have mixed feelings about the whole situation because you raised your kiddo, and now they are leaving home for a bright academic future. It’s tough, but your college kid knows that they have your encouragement and support, so their ambitions will burn bright.  

If your student-to-be decides on an on-campus living experience, they’ve weighed the options, pros, and cons.

 There are many perks to on-campus life, such as:

  •  Balanced social and academic lives.
  • Closer commutes between dorm rooms and classes, so most students can sleep in if they choose.
  • Academic advice on request.
  • Independence and experience in living away from home.
  • Access to everything they need within walking distance of their dorm room.

Moving to a dorm room can be exciting and emotional, but it’s a big step toward a memorable college experience —one of many. To help your college kid prepare for the challenges and fun of living in a university dorm, you can start by snagging some of the following essentials.

 1. Bedding (sheets, extra blankets, and comforter).

 Being comfortable and capable of refreshing sleep is essential wherever you go. Your college kid will need new bedding for a dorm room because the mattresses there, while usually comfy and well-cared for, are bare. Get a couple of sheets and a few blankets that your kiddo can cycle through while on campus.

 2. Stow-away totes for under-the-bed storage of whatever won’t fit in drawers and closets.

 Dorm rooms are typically split into two or three for multiple students, so your college kid will likely have roommates. This means that only half of the room will be theirs, and they need somewhere to stow away their belongings to save space. Under-the-bed totes are a great storage option for clothes and extra knickknacks that won’t fit anywhere else.

  1. Gear for inclement weather, like rain and snow.

 Typically, college classes take place rain or shine, especially for on-campus students. Gift your college student-to-be with university gear for inclement weather, like umbrellas for when it rains, gloves for when it snows, and a college tumbler for hydration everywhere. Your kid will send praises your way when it rains or snows, and they have the proper gear for the walk to class.

  1. Keepsake box of memorable mementos from home.

 Your kiddo is likely to get homesick, especially if they’ve never been away from home before. A keepsake box enables your young adult to take pictures and important mementos with them. It will stave off loneliness and homesickness while helping your college student-to-be remember what’s important.

  1. Important tech for classes.

 Modern college classes require modern technologies. For most courses, your college kid will need a laptop computer. They may also need a mouse pad, mouse, USB tech, and a tote bag or spacious backpack to fit everything in. Whatever you buy, the tote should be roomy enough for things like a few books, snacks, and other university merch that your kiddo decides they need.

  1. One or two power strips for personal use.

 Dorm rooms have limited options when it comes to where to plug in. Ask if power strips are allowed before you send one or two, but they are usually great ways for your college newbie to charge all their tech devices without crowding the available room outlets. Teach your kid the importance of unplugging their gadgets and cords when they aren’t used to reduce the risk of fire and electrical damage.

  1. Two or three bottles and tumblers for carry-around hydration and caffeine.

 Hydration is imperative to good health, and college students sometimes forget to take care of themselves in the midst of class chaos. Ensure that your young adult is drinking plenty of water (or a daily hearty dose of caffeine) to keep them hydrated and healthy. You can send a few university tumblers and water bottles, perfect for carry-around drinks when your college kid needs it most.

  1. Pinboard and thumbtacks for notes and pictures.

 Pinboards are save spacers for notes or pictures that your college kid would like to keep. A pinboard and a box of colorful thumbtacks are an opportunity for students to post whatever they need in their dorm room without crowding the walls.

  1. Toiletries caddy for hygienic favorites.

 Most dorms have communal bathrooms where students take turns showering and brushing their teeth. Toiletry caddies can be godsends to keep body washes and shampoos in one convenient place. It keeps their bathroom goodies in one convenient location and eliminates the hassle of struggling with multiple bottles to and from the shower. 

  1. Flags, posters, or banners for a touch of personality.

 Your college kid is probably super excited about the university, and all that college life has to offer. Ergo, they likely love the college colors, logos, and mottos, so gift them with university flags, posters, or banners to remind them why they are there. Academic achievements seem all the more possible when you have reminders of what you aim to accomplish.

Dear On-Campus College Kids:

 Communicate! Let your parents know what you think you’ll need for your on-campus move. Sure, you could get anything you’ve missed later, but it’s easier to make a list of what you need and strive not to forget anything off of your list.

Dear Parents of On-Campus College Kids:

You did a great job raising your kiddo, and now it’s time to help them move toward independence. Yes, this is a tough time, but your preparation and help won’t go unnoticed. Keep tabs on what you’ve helped to pack and keep a list of your own for essentials (in case your college kid forgets something important amid the excitement).

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