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My reading and viewing habits tend to gravitate to profiles of people in need. First and foremost it is because I personally aspire to help individuals of all backgrounds and experiences have access to resources necessary to help them deal with their challenges. I am also touched by the response of others, especially during times of adversity like the human tragedies and natural disasters we’ve experienced in the recent past. 

 It would be a form of hypocrisy not to carry this personal passion into my business life. So my business partner Oleg and I decided now is time to act! And we want to engage our valued customers and friends in our journey of charitable giving. 

 Effective immediately Apedes LLC (owners of this site as well as and are committing to donate the higher of 10% of all sales generated from purchases made on and or $200 to charity. Click here to vote for your preferred charity from the options provided. We will update the list monthly.  If you do not see the organization you would like to give to, please contact us and let us know.


Thank you in advance.



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