How To Choose A Sorority: 3 Factors To Consider

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Greek life is a great way to gain lifelong friends and make a difference in your community. Unfortunately, you’ll quickly find that there are several sororities to choose from, making it difficult to know which one is right for you.

To make the process easier, we have created this practical guide that goes over key factors to consider when selecting a sorority. After reviewing these three factors, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what sorority is best for your passions, personality, and budget. Let’s get started.

Consider The Sorority’s Mission

Each sorority has a different mission. Some sororities prioritize service or leadership-building while others prioritize social events and partying. It is important to find a sorority whose mission matches your goals, values, and preferences.

There are several ways that you can find out about a sorority’s mission. First, look up the organization’s stated mission. This will tell you what the national entity prioritizes and expects out of its local chapters.

Next, research the local chapter. Does the sorority have a certain reputation? How do the sisters spend their free time? What do the alumni go on to do after graduation? Finding the answers to these questions will tell you the values of your local chapter.

Finally, look at the sorority’s philanthropic causes. See if any chapters give back to causes you are passionate about. Finding a sorority that makes a difference in an area you care about will make your Greek experience more rewarding and fulfilling.

Chapter Culture and Sister Personalities

Whenever you consider joining an organization, it is important to find one that fits your personality and is filled with like-minded people. If the members are totally different from yourself, you’ll feel like the odd-man-out, making your experience discouraging.

Sororities are no different. To find a sorority great for you, you need to consider the chapter culture and personality of the sisters. You can find out if the culture and personalities match your own by talking to the sisters.

Get to know them, their interests, and their passions. Make sure that you can keep conversations going, feel accepted, and be excited to talk to these girls again. Additionally, make sure that the sisters are kind and engaging with other people too. Often, you will be able to determine if you’ll fit in right away.


Every sorority has local and/or national dues. These dues can quickly add up and cost a small fortune. It is important to find a sorority that fits your budget so you can be an active member and add to the sorority’s events and culture. Luckily, dues vary wildly from sorority to sorority, which will allow you to find one that matches your budget.

When you are talking to different sisters, ask them about the semesterly and yearly cost breakdown, including dues and additional or optional fees. All sisters should feel comfortable sharing this information, and you should not feel embarrassed asking about it.

Final Thoughts: Selecting A Sorority

Once you have considered the missions, personalities, and dues of various sororities, compare the sororities, and decide which one fits your preferences best. Simply follow your instincts about which sorority to join, even if it isn’t the coolest sorority on campus. It is most important to select a sorority that will leave you feeling fulfilled and introduce you to lifelong friends.