Omega Phi Alpha 2-sided Clipboard

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• PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: The fraternity/sorority 2-SIDED CLIPBOARD WITH FLAT CLIP is made from cardboard.
• DIMENSIONS: The Clipboard measures 9" x 12-1/2".
• IMPECCABLE GRAPHICS: Fraternity/Sorority Custom Printed Clipboard features the fraternity/sorority name, logo, and motto.
• PERFECT BUSINESS ACCESSORY: Let everyone know how much pride you have for your fraternity/sorority.
Show pride to your Fraternity\Sorority with your custom 2-SIDED CLIPBOARD WITH FLAT CLIP. Our custom printed Clipboard is manufactured with high-quality hardboard. The Clipboard measures 9" x 12-1/2". The Clipboard features the logo, motto, and name of Fraternity/Sorority. These Clipboard is the perfect present for any Fraternity\Sorority member. Order yours today!

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