Alpha Sigma Alpha Car Cup Holder Ceramic Coasters (Set of 2)


• PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: To ensure you get the best quality, Fraternity/Sorority Custom Made Car Cup Holder Coasters are made from high-quality ceramic.
• DIMENSIONS: The round Car Cup Holder Coaster measure 2.56".
• IMPECCABLE GRAPHICS: The Coasters feature custom graphics along with the logo, motto and the name of Fraternity\Sorority.
• PERFECT BUSINESS ACCESSORY: Let everyone know how much pride you have for your fraternity\sorority.
Show pride to your Fraternity\Sorority with your custom Car Cup Holder Coasters. These custom coasters protect your car while showing pride for your favorite fraternity. Our custom designed Car Cup Holder Coasters are manufactured with high-quality ceramic. The Car Cup Holder Coasters measure 2.56". The coasters feature the logo, motto, and name of Fraternity/Sorority. These coasters are the perfect present for any Fraternity\Sorority member. Order yours today!

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